Pangbourne neighbourhood update – June

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Pangbourne neighbourhood update – June

Posted: 06/07/2007 12:49:43

PCSO Viv Joyce provides the latest neighbourhood update:

Calcot and Tilehurst
PC Emery has arranged for the two dispersal orders in Tilehurst to be renewed in the Overdown and Knowsley Road areas of Tilehurst.

PC Tomlinson and PCSO Joyce have organised a meeting with the new Thames Valley Free Church on Fords Farm, which is fast becoming a central location on the estate for the law abiding community to gather, we hope to work with the people connected with the church on future projects. The church has already held a Fun Day to welcome people in the area to come and join in with all the activities that are on offer, they also hold daily coffee mornings which are free to all. They publish an itinerary on a weekly basis which is available in the foyer or by e-mail on request at

Two multi-agency meetings have been held with PCs Emery and Tomlinson regarding anti-social behaviour and low level crime in the Cotswolds area of Tilehurst. As a result of the meeting an offender was identified and subsequently arrested and given a reprimand for criminal damage.

On 2 June PCSOs and Neighbourhood Wardens went to Linear Park Community Open/Fun Day. We took the mobile police station and neighbourhood van along and welcomed people in to have a chat about any concerns or issues they had. Children had the opportunity to have their fingerprints taken and keep as a souvenir of the day. This proved very popular and between us we printed approximately 50 children of all ages. After this they were welcomed to the police van, where they were able to try on police hats and high visibility jackets and have their pictures taken, and also able to sit up in the front seat or the cell. The weather was very hot all day without a hint of rain, so it was a bit painful playing basketball with some of the local children.

Between 4 June and 5th June PCSOs and Neighbourhood Wardens attended the Junior Citizens Project in Yattendon to help educate the children around issues such as vandalism, criminal damage and Stranger Danger.

On 20 June I visited Badgers Hill PRU School, in Calcot to talk to youths. I spent time with them discussing various issues and generally getting to know them better. These children have a range of different problems between them, which prevents them from attending a mainstream school.

On 21 June I attended Calcot Junior School with Karen Taylor, a Neighbourhood Warden, to speak to year six children about anti-social behaviour and its effects on their community and other people.

On 22 June PCSO Moloney and I attended the Phoenix Project training day, along with PCSO Sue Gillespie from Newbury and Neighbourhood Wardens from both areas. They were trained to do basic fire drill tasks that the youths on the project have to do, to enable us to be able to support the children when we help out with future courses.

On 30 June PCSOs attended Westwood Farm School Fete in Tilehurst. This is one of many schools that we work with on a regular basis and help them with traffic issues during the school run times. We attended the Fete to offer a police presence and to get to know more of the local children and their parents. It also gave people the chance to come and discuss any neighbourhood issues they had.

On 14 June we policed the Falklands War Memorial Service at Pangbourne College, which was attended by Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip, Tony and Cherie Blair and Lady Thatcher.

On 9 June five people were given warnings for dangerous or erratic driving in Sulham Woods. This was a joint effort between PC Allen and PCSO’s, Moloney, Joyce and Nix.

From PC Matt Allen
First of all, a brief update on what crimes I have been investigating this past month. I have been dealing with assaults in Mortimer, numerous incidents of vehicle crime in Burghfield Common, thefts in Theale and arson in Beenham.

I have been seizing lots of alcohol from youths and have given numerous warnings regarding the anti-social use of motor vehicles. Please keep ringing in incidents of anti-social behaviour so I am aware of what is happening on 0845 8 505 505.

I have given talks to the Purley Scouts and Purley W.I and would like to thank them both for their warm welcome and for asking some very good questions.

After meeting with Pangbourne Parish Council, it was decided that following years of ongoing problems with motor vehicles causing a nuisance at the recreation ground car park, Pangbourne, the gates would be locked during the night. Since this has started happening I have not received any further complaints about this problem.

I would like to say thank you to the doctors and staff at The Boat House Surgery, Pangbourne, as following a meeting with them it was agreed that I would be able to use an office at the surgery once a month for people to be able to come in and speak to me about any concerns or issues they might have. My first consultation was on 19 June and I would like to thank everyone that came and spoke to me. I will next be there on Tuesday 17 July at 10am for one hour so please feel free to come in and have a chat, even if you don’t actually need to see a doctor. Further dates will be advertised in the local press and on the Thames Valley Police website at

I am pleased to tell you that the crime figures for April and May 2007 show a 20 per cent decrease for Purley, and a 39 per cent decrease for Pangbourne as opposed to April and May 2006. Hopefully you will be reassured by this and again it is more evidence that you should feel safe when out and about in the local area.


In Burghfield and Mortimer and surrounding parishes regular high visibility patrols have taken place to help combat anti-social behaviour and criminal damage. Certain hot spots were targeted for extra attention and on certain nights, the shifts were extended well into the early hours of the morning to deter crime.

Both PC Nick Evans and PCSO Steve Pengilly have been actively gathering any intelligence from members of public regarding ongoing criminal activity in the area, especially drug related crime, and are particularly keen to encourage members of public to come forward with regards to any information relating to ongoing problems in the area.

PCSO Steve Pengilly states: “It is vital that members of public take an active role within the community to report crime.”

The June Pubwatch meeting went well on 5 June and several interesting issues were raised with regards to the new smoking ban and at the next meeting there will be a representative form West Berks Licensing to give a brief synopsis of the new rules and to answer any questions the licensees may have.

The monthly visit on 6 June to the Paices Hill traveller site went well, this is a monthly ‘bridge building’ exercise to help listen to problems they may have and to show a friendly neighbourhood police presence. This visit was done on foot as part of the normal foot/cycle patrols in the area, they also liaised with the industrial site adjoining the travellers site with regards to their problems also.

On the 14 June PC Nick Evans and PCSO Steve Pengilly carried out a public consultation, in and around adjoining roads to the Burghfield medical centre, to ascertain the problems arising in the area. This was well received by the residents. Another consultation was carried out for College Piece and Stephens firs in Mortimer.
An open air meeting was held at the sheltered housing complex of Highfiled Court. Many of the residents attended to discuss there concerns about recent car crime in the area and to discuss forthcoming improvements to there security in the complex.

A public consultation was held on 27 June regarding street lighting in Mortimer and was conducted by the parish council. PCSO Steve Pengilly attended for a short while with PCSO Viv Joyce and enjoyed engaging with members of public and hearing there views regarding this matter and other matters in the area.

Parking problems remain a constant problem in Mortimer and regular patrols take in these problems whilst passing through, many tickets have been issued and will continue to be until the problems abate.

For more details about the neighbourhood team or information about neighbourhood policing, please visit The team can also be contacted on 0845 8 505 505.


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