Residents determine priorities

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Residents determine priorities

Posted: 22/10/2007 12:49:01

Residents determine priorities at neighbourhood policing launch

More than 150 people attended the launch of neighbourhood policing in Cox Green, Woodlands Park and Boyn Hill last week – the highest turn-out so far for launch meetings in the Maidenhead area.

The new style of community policing was explained by Insp John McDonald at the public meeting, which was held at Cox Green Community Centre on Wednesday (17/10), between 7.30pm and 9pm.

Insp McDonald introduced members of the neighbourhood policing team: Sgt Martin Littlewood; neighbourhood specialist officer PC Phil Horler and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) Frank Haigh, David Webb and James Senior. The final member of the team, PC Phil Ward, was unable to attend because of duty commitments.

Insp McDonald said: “The meeting was very successful, with everyone participating in an exercise to determine the three priorities for the neighbourhood policing team and our partners to tackle.

“Many members of the public also took the opportunity to speak to their neighbourhood officers while the exercise was running.”

The top three priorities for Cox Green, Woodlands Park and Boyn Hill are:

• Gangs of youths roaming the neighbourhood
• Criminal damage
• Visible uniformed patrolling, especially late at night

During the meeting, residents were asked to specify the main problems in their area using ‘voting slips’. Gangs of youths were highlighted by 125 people; criminal damage by 108 and lack of visible patrols by 101. Other issues of concern were speeding, cited by 66 people; burglaries, mentioned by 35; drug dealing by 23 and obstruction of footpaths by 19.

A number of people mentioned various problems relating to anti-social behaviour by young people, including underage drinking, graffiti, youths loitering and using alleyways. A lack of opportunities for youths in the area was also raised at the meeting.

Insp McDonald added: “We will be forming a Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG), which will focus on the three priorities. However, in many of the issues that scored lower at the launch meeting, participants had made additional notes that will enable many of them to be tackled by the policing team and our partners as part of normal business, outside of the NAG process.

“I would also like to reassure residents that there is a proactive plan in place between the whole Maidenhead policing team and our partners in the Royal Borough to deal with the upcoming ‘trick or treat’ and fireworks season.”


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