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Ashford school boy takes safety messages home

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Ashford school boy takes safety messages home

Posted: 13/02/2008 10:09:18

A Firefighter from Ashford has praised a schoolboy for insisting that his mother takes up Kent Fire and Rescue Service’s (KFRS) offer of a free home fire safety check.

Eight year old Cameron Hewitt-Usher, from Torrington Road, Ashford, told his mother about the Kent-wide service after hearing about it from KFRS’s Education Officer Alan Faulkner who recently joined his lesson at Victoria Park School.

Ashford Fire Station’s Watch Manager Terry Hardie, an ex-Education Officer himself, was one of the crew who carried out the Home Fire Safety Check at Cameron’s home. He said: “Alan, who is part of KFRS’s Education Team, recently attended the school as part of the fire-safety education package and obviously did a first-class job. His messages were well received and obviously absorbed by the children.

“This was evident when the Green Watch team arrived at the house to carry out a Home Fire Safety Check and fit smoke alarms. After we had completed the check it came to light that it had been booked following the child’s insistence to his mother that it was done – he had even memorised the phone number for her to call. Cameron is a real credit to his school and his story is testament to the valuable role that KFRS’s Education Officers play in getting fire safety messages across.”

Mum Rebecca said: “I’m so very proud of Cameron. He was so taken by what was said by the school’s officer that he memorized the 11-digit number, came home and reeled it off there and then! When I didn’t make the call straight away, he just nagged and nagged me until I did – the message was obviously so important to him.”

Kent Fire and Rescue Service offers free home fire safety checks to all Kent residents. They take around 30 minutes and include tips on night-time routines, cooking safely with oil or fat, the dangers of smoking materials, care with candles, electrical safety and planning escape routes in the event of fire. Free 10-year battery smoke alarms are also fitted where needed to give early warning of fire and help people escape. By following the advice given during the check, people can also reduce the risk of fire in their home.

To request a Home Fire Safety Check contact your nearest fire station or call the Community Safety team for free on 0800 923 7000. For more fire safety information, log onto www.kent.fire-uk.org

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