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Chipping Norton Neighbourhood Management Update

Posted: 05/02/2007 17:20:35

A/PS Rosemary Dilsaver brings February’s update for Chipping Norton: “The telephone number for all police stations is 0845 8 505 505. Ask for the Neighbourhood Team or if you know them ask for the officer by name and shoulder number,

Neighbourhood Officers:
Sgt Rosemary Dilsaver - Neighbourhood Manager
PC 1966 Dave Tustian - Co-ordinator
PC 6289 Sam Hunter - Chipping Norton
PC 4500Colin James - Charlbury
PC 3969 Gordon Monks - The Wychwoods
PC 5065 Alaina Boswell - The Bartons

“If you witnessed any of the incidents reported in this newsletter or have any information about them, please contact your local Neighbourhood Officer, or any of the Team and pass it on. If you really feel anonymity is essential, ring Crimestoppers – 0800 555 111.

Chipping Norton:
“In recent months a number of complaints have been received concerning the parking of vehicles in contravention of double yellow lines and other prohibitions, particularly in Middle Row, New Street and Leys Approach. In answer to these complaints the officers and staff of Chipping Norton Police Station have endeavoured to enforce the relevant parking laws as robustly as operational commitments allow.

“While it may be acknowledged that the subject of parking can be a contentious issue, the level of verbal abuse and criticism directed at those officers and staff, has been vile and is unacceptable.

“If you park your motor vehicle where it should not be parked, please do not be surprised if you get a parking ticket. If you have a complaint concerning either the issuing of the ticket or the way you were dealt with, please do not remonstrate with the officer but contact the Neighbourhood Manager at Chipping Norton Police Station who will be more than pleased to discuss the matter with you.

“West Street has been the target in the last month with shop and house windows being smashed; steps are being taken to try and catch the culprits and any help will be appreciated.

“Public Youth Meeting: This was held on Tuesday 30 January at the Town Hall, in co-operation with the Town Council. Simon Towers, Paul Fisher and Becky Herrin attended from the Neighbourhood Action Group.

“A meeting was also held between the Town Council, Police, the Town Partnership, the Neighbourhood Action Group and the public. The meeting was well attended with good youth support. The youth who came took an active part providing useful information for all; on the question of youth shelters, the youths said they would not use these if they were provided, but they would use a half baseball court if one could be provided.

“The Cornish Road area has suffered from the anti-social behaviour of one resident. Do please inform the police about such residents so that they can be dealt with. If you suffer because of the behaviour of your neighbours then please: (a) keep a diary of problems and (b) contact the police or the West Oxfordshire District Council (Bill Butcher 01993 861638) who will give help and advice - often solving such problems is a slow process, there are no “quick fixes” but that doesn’t mean things are not going to improve.

“There were seven reported incidents of criminal damage to houses and vehicles during January.

“Once again under-age drinking is a problem. 108 empty bottles and cans were collected at Nine Acres recreation ground over just one weekend in January.

“Five cases of criminal damage were reported during the month, including damage to motor vehicle tyres. This is the second spate of such incidents. If you have any information to help solve the problems, please contact the police.

The Wychwoods:
“January saw reports of nine crimes, including theft of a motor vehicle. A distraction burglary took place in Shipton-under-Wychwood, and a burglary in Upper Milton.

“We do ask everyone to be very careful about opening doors to unexpected trades-people, people who claim to be looking for lost dogs, lost mobile phones etc. If you don’t know the person, then DON’T LET THEM INTO YOUR HOUSE.

“Speed Enforcement and Parking Regulations will be enforced in the Wychwoods - don’t say you haven’t been warned.

The Bartons:
“Under-age drinking is also a problem here. Mostly around the Sports and Social Club – where there is a youth shelter. There were eight reported offences, including criminal damage to vehicles and other offences.”


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