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Chipping Norton Neighbourhood Management Update

Posted: 06/03/2007 22:09:01

A/PS Rosemary Dilsaver reports on February''s update for Chipping Norton and surrounding areas.

"Following a prolonged period of antisocial behaviour and vandalism, several letters banning certain youths from The Westgate Centre have been delivered which has resulted in calm being restored to the shopping centre once more. The letters form part of a partnership approach to tackling the problem of antisocial behaviour and are firmly supported by the occupants of The Westgate, West Oxfordshire District Council and the police.

"We are, however, still suffering damage and antisocial behaviour in New Street car park. The youths are gathering and climbing on the roofs of the garage block, throwing stones, riding shopping trolleys and most recently an assault took place against a local resident. This is being investigated by the police.

"Several people have reported that their credit card details have been stolen. This is an international crime. The details are believed to have been obtained during a very short period of time in November (06) in the Chipping Norton area but are only now coming light. It is most understandable that people will be concerned about this, and the advice is: when you use your chip and pin number, always try to cover the number you input, never let your card out of your sight and if you have any concerns please contact your credit card company."

Charlbury (including Finstock, Spelsbury, Fawler)
"Ten crimes have been reported during February of a mixed variety including a burglary at the estate office in Cornbury Park. Underage drinking is being tackled and where found, alcohol has been confiscated. The speed humps have been removed from Nine Acres Road following parishioners'' complaints of noise so we hope this doesn''t encourage drivers to speed along the road again."

The Wychwoods (including Ascott, Shipton and Milton-under-Wychwood, Chadlington, Chilson, Sarsden, Kingham, Churchill, Salford)
"Four crimes have been reported in February, again of a mixed variety. Speed enforcement was carried out in Milton-under-Wychwood with a total of three drivers advised regarding their speed.

"Parking at The Wychwood School is still a major problem. Consider other road users; if you live near the school, please consider walking to school, rather than driving."

The Bartons (including Middle Barton, Sandford St. Martin, Ledwell, Over Worton, Nether Worton, Great Tew, Little Tew and Swerford)
"Concerns have been expressed about youths gathering in Mill Lane, Middle Barton, during the evening, especially between 9pm and 10.45pm. Lots of youths on mopeds racing around, cars hanging around, and debris has been found indicating possible drug use.

"Any information please telephone 0845 8 505 505 and ask for the Chipping Norton Neighbourhood Team. Alternatively, ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111."

Other News
"Finally, distraction burglaries have occurred across the Chipping Norton area. Please be aware of callers who claim to represent agencies such as the water board. Ask for identification and do not let people into your home until you are certain they are who they say they are. If in doubt ring the police."


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