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Eynsham Neighbourhood Management Update

Posted: 06/03/2007 22:12:19

PS Dave Yates and PC Richard Conner report with the Eynsham team monthly update: “Once again, the team has been busy assisting the core shifts that work out of Witney. The damage figures and complaints of antisocial behaviour (ASB) were low again in February, and the majority of misbehaviour was attributed to the throwing of snowballs following the night of heavy snow.

“The team has been out on the area whenever possible performing high visibility patrols, and dealing with antisocial behaviour problems and incidents of damage that were reported.”

“One incident of note was the ram raid in Mill Street, which resulted in a pursuit across the county border to Gloucestershire. Property was recovered and arrests were made.

“Antisocial behaviour was reported on the square in Eynsham. Details of the youths were taken and their parents were spoken to.

“On successive Mondays, antisocial behaviour has occurred in the vicinity of Back Lane. High visibility patrols were conducted, and visits were made to the youth club.”

“The team attended the area outside Standlake School to research problems caused by persistent inconsiderate parking. This matter is now in hand and enforcement will be an option if it continues.”

“Criminal damage to a toilet block at one of the fishing lakes was reported and as a result the team has been employed on high visibility patrols in the vicinity. No further reports have since been made.”

“Speeding remains one of our priorities and the team has managed to go out on a couple of occasions with the Speed Indicator Device (SID) this month. Speeding remains one of our priorities and the team has managed to go out on a couple of occasions with the Speed Indicator Device (SID) this month. We conducted checks in areas where speeding has been highlighted by the public as a problem. We also warned a local youth about his behaviour when a report was received of a mini-moped being ridden on the pavilion grounds

North Leigh
“The team was requested to attend Shakenoak old peoples’ home for a meeting with the residents and the council following recent antisocial behaviour in the area. A letter will be sent by the council to local residents advising them of the problems and concern this causes. Regular foot patrols by the team will also be conducted.

“A series of distraction burglaries have occurred across West Oxfordshire over the last two weeks of February and whilst every effort is being made to catch those involved, particular vigilance, and contact with elderly or vulnerable members of the community needs to be maintained. If any suspicious activity is seen or callers at the door do not produce bone fide identification, please don’t let them into your house and call the police immediately.

“The Eynsham NAG has been informed of the roll-out of the Neighbourhood Policing program and it is anticipated that PCSO Phil Workman will attend the next meeting to discuss a PCSO’s role within the community.

“These, and other neighbourhoods, are assisting in a national recruiting campaign for Police Community Support Officers (PCSO). The first of our new recruits for West Oxfordshire is actually doing their initial training at the moment and should come to the area soon. Once we have any allocated to the Eynsham area we will update you.

“If you are interested in becoming a PCSO you can view the following website for more information www.rewardingrole.co.uk, phone 08456 000925 or contact the team on 0845 8 505 505 who should be able to answer any questions you have.”

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