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Police launch Operation Magnify

Posted: 19/06/2007 18:49:14

A new operation to tackle domestic burglary in Redditch will get underway this week.

Police have launched Operation Magnify in response to a significant rise in the number of burglary dwellings reported across Redditch district since the beginning of April. Recorded figures show an increase of nearly 20% in domestic burglaries between April and June 2007 compared to a similar time period between January and March of this year.

These offences have been committed both during the day and overnight throughout the town.

In nearly a fifth of these incidents, burglars have entered the property through an insecure window, while insecure doors (front and back doors as well as garage doors) account for nearly 15% of these burglaries.

Detective Inspector Brian Russell from Redditch police says, “Operation Magnify is a dynamic police initiative aimed at reducing the number of house burglaries being committed in and around Redditch.

“We are very concerned by the trend we’ve seen since the beginning of April this year and feel it’s important that local residents are aware of what’s happening.

“Around a third of domestic burglaries have occurred during this period due to insecure windows and doors and it’s vital that people realise the significance of making their homes properly secure.

“Our key message is to close and lock windows in any unoccupied rooms, paying particular care when leaving the house or going to bed at night. Keep all external doors locked, even when you are at home, and make checking these are locked part of your security routine at night.”

Local Policing Teams will also be delivering leaflets offering more detailed security advice in locations identified as higher risk areas.

Police will also be carrying out high visibility patrols in these locations, during the day and night, and will be conducting stop checks to gather further intelligence. Both uniformed and plain-clothes officers will be involved in the operation.

As well as urging people to take extra care with their home security, police are also asking residents to act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of their neighbourhood.

DI Russell adds, “We understand the impact that burglary can have on individuals and families and we are determined to reduce these figures by taking prompt and effective action now.

“It’s likely that just a few offenders are responsible for these burglaries and we need information from the local community to make some early arrests.”

“If you know of anything that might assist in our investigations or you notice any suspicious activity in your neighbourhood, call in and tell us about it, preferably as it is happening”, urges DI Russell.

“We understand that there will be reasons why you may not want to give your name when passing information to the police and if this is the case, please use the confidential Crimestoppers number. Calls to this number are anonymous and a cash reward may be offered for information leading to the arrest and charge of an offender.”

Police are also warning those committing the burglaries in Redditch that they will be gathering intelligence on suspects as part of Operation Magnify and will be working hard to bring these offenders before the courts.

Anyone with information can contact Redditch police on 08457 444 888 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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