Drivers Ignore Diversions And 'Tangle' Tenbury

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Drivers Ignore Diversions And 'Tangle' Tenbury

Posted: 30/07/2007 23:19:15

Drivers - including heavy-truck-drivers - are ignoring diversion signs and tangling up traffic in the middle of flood-hit Tenbury Wells.

Local police today issued an urgent appeal to drivers to stick to diversion routes in the area and not to use the town as a through-route while urgent road reconstruction and other vital repair work takes place.

"While pedestrian access to shops and businesses is possible, drivers should remind themselves that the town has been badly affected by the recent flooding and it could take weeks to get back to normal, particularly Teme Street, the main through route," said a police spokesman.

"There are currently three sets of temporary traffic lights in the town centre. Due to the lay-out of the town, each set is obscured from the next and some impatient drivers are going over on 'red' believing - or perhaps just hoping - that nothing is coming in the opposite direction round a blind bend.

"While, to date, there have been no collisions, we have had a number if occasions when both sets of vehicles have had to back up or take to the pavement in order for them to pass, causing further - and totally unnecessary - delays and a risk to pedestrians."

The spokesman said that diversionary routes around Tenbury in general - and on the A49 in particular - were clearly marked, but some motorists - drivers of large lorries among them - were ignoring best advice and venturing into the town and 'tangling' up the temporary through-route unnecessarily.

"Tenbury is a small market-town which is not suited to long, heavy lorries even on a good day. With traffic-lights on the sharpest bend in the town it is particularly difficult to get big vehicles through and their drivers, in particular, are advised - and urged - to follow designated diversions.

"Town-centre road reconstruction and necessary wall-building is expected to take at least a month - and longer if there are further heavy rain-falls. The best advice we can give to drivers for quite some time is to stay away unless there is absolutely no alternative to driving into the town."


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