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Drivers told to belt up - Bicester

Posted: 16/08/2007 17:43:27

Dozens of motorists driving illegally in Bicester have been stopped by police.

Thames Valley Police, along with officers from Oxfordshire County Council stopped 49 people between 7.30am and 9.30am this morning (16/8) as they drove along Kings End and Middleton Stoney Road, near Bicester Rugby Club.

A total of 30 drivers were stopped for not wearing their seatbelts, 12 for using their mobile phones, 4 for not having car tax and 3 for not being in full control of their vehicle.

The 30 people who were stopped for not wearing their seatbelts were issued with fixed penalty fines but were offered the chance to be educated on the issue, which they all accepted. Oxfordshire County Councils Road Safety Team showed the drivers a video and gave them a talk about seat belt safety, after this they were allowed to hand their fines back.

All the drivers stopped for using their mobile phones and not being in full control of their vehicle were given £60 fines and received three points on their license.

Motorists without the correct car tax were given a £60 fine.

Today’s operation was part of an ongoing work by Thames Valley Police to cut down the numbers of motorists killed and injured on the region’s roads each year.

PC Mark Pilling, of Abingdon Roads Policing Unit, said: “It is disappointing that in just two hours we found 30 people travelling without their seatbelt.

“A significant number of people still don’t belt up, particularly rear seat passengers and I hope this check, and others like it, will re-enforce to these people that seatbelts are there for a reason.

“Seat belts save around 2000 lives every year throughout the UK but they are not much use unless they are clicked into the receptacle. We regularly carryout roadside checks and will carry on doing so for the foreseeable future.”

Julie Jones, Road Safety Officer at Oxfordshire County Council, said: “The aim of the checks was to educate people and show them the reason why the seat belt law is in place. We wanted to remind people that as many as eight out of ten people who die whilst not wearing a seat belt would be alive if only they had worn one.”


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