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Woodstock Neighbourhood Management Update

Posted: 14/01/2008 17:35:06

The Neighbourhood Team reports:

“We are looking to recruit new members for the Neighbourhood Action Group: there will be a chance to speak to the team between 4pm and 6pm on the 19 January at Woodstock Police Station. For more information on what a NAG is and how it works, visit www.whosmybobby.co.uk .

“December has again seen a relatively quiet time crime-wise. We have been joined by PCSO Tina Townshend, who you will see out and about with Phil getting to know the local area.

Woodstock and Bladon

“There was a theft of a tax disc from a moped in Flemings Road between 10.30pm 01/12 and 8.30am 03/12 and damage to a car windscreen in Oxford Road on 06/12 between 1am to 10am.

“A bicycle was stolen from the primary school between 6.30 pm on 05/12 to 3.30pm on 06/12 and found in Planetree Close - did you see anything? Remember to lock your bicycles please.

“There was a theft of a car number plate from the Market Place, between 2.10pm and 3.10pm on 13/12.

“We have a male who is living rough and frequenting the area at the present time, if there are any problems get in touch with the team.

“The team visited the Woodstock youth club on the 18 December and the group were glad to see us.”

Freeland and Hanborough

“A taxi was damaged in Broadmarsh Lane by three youths overnight Saturday 8th to Sunday 9th December. Did you witness the incident?

“Phil took Tina to the school and introduced her to the children at Freeland and Hanborough.

“Two vehicles were stolen then found locally, one from Witney Road, between 29/11 and 01/12 and one from Main Road, between 7am 06/12 and 2pm 07/12, Wheel nuts were removed from a parked vehicle in Main Road.

“A number of youths were caught in the grounds of the school at the weekend. The school was informed and parents were spoken to.

“The team attended the switching on of the lights on the 2 December.

“There have been problems with parking in Church Road. Phil has spoken to the Parish Council and will be knocking on a few doors.”


“There have been extra patrols due to damage caused in and around the village hall but all appears quiet at the moment.

“A car was stolen from Pond Hill and then returned with damage to a wheel, this took place between 6pm 14/12 and noon 15/12; someone must know who is responsible!

“We will be holding a surgery at the village hall on the 13 February between 2pm and 4pm, this is in conjunction with the Parish Council so if you want to meet the team please come along.


“Fuel was siphoned from a vehicle at Blenheim Sawmills between 5pm 30/11 and 0800 03/12, and there was damage to a shed at East End, between 10.30pm 14/12 and 0030 15/12.” There was also a burglary along Marlborough Terrace between midnight and 1230am on 31/12.

Tackley and Brougham

“A taxi window was damaged by two local youths.”

Kiddington, Glympton and Wootton

“The building site at Walnut Close was broken into and tools were stolen, between 5.40pm 11/12 and 6.45am 12/12.

“If you can help us with any of the incidents that have been mentioned please contact the team on 0845 8 505 050 or email us at [email protected]

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