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Eynsham Neighbourhood Management Update

Posted: 14/01/2008 21:09:13

Neighbourhood Specialist Officer PC Richard Conner provides this month’s update:


“There was a theft at European Electronique on Oakfield Industrial Estate on the 7th December between 8pm and 8:45pm and dozens of laptops were stolen. This crime received a lot of media coverage at the time with an appeal for witnesses and it is being dealt with by Witney CID. Can repeat that if anyone saw anything, please get in touch.

“There has been a bicycle stolen from Hanborough Close between 2pm on 1st December and 9am on 3rd December: if you got one for Christmas make sure you lock it up.

“A window was damaged in Mill Street between 23/11 and 03/12 and stones were thrown at a house in Evans Road on the 12/12 at 5.30 pm. The team has visited and made local enquiries.

“A wheelie bin was stolen from Orchard Close on 6/12 between 10.30am and 12.00pm and offenders entered a house in Newlands between 23.15pm and midnight on 11/12, but nothing was taken.

“A house window was broken in Malborough Place between 5am and 1.30pm on 21/12.

“The Speed Indication Device was used by the team on 11/12. In Hanborough Road and Witney Road a small number of vehicles were exceeding the speed limit and will be sent warning letters. We will be out and about again in January.


“There has been a further incident of graffiti in Bell Lane; this occurred between 5.45am on 30/11 and 9.30am on 2/12. The team has visited the school, discussed the issue and wished them all a happy Christmas.”


“Over the last month there has been damage caused to a car in Ladywell Close between 11.20 pm on 30/11 and 8am on 1/12, and to the phone box in Park Road between 8am on 7/12 and midnight on 09/12. PCSO Helen Keen has been out in the village patrolling and has been given information as to the possible offenders, so if you are to blame expect a knock at the door.

“Extra patrols have been made of the village to try and catch the culprits and visits have been made to the school and the youth club to discuss the problems of criminal damage.

“A talk was also given to the school on 12 December by PC Conner and PCSO Keen, who then helped to serve the school Christmas dinner on 19 December.

“An article is to be placed in the Nor Li News and posters were handed out around the village in an effort to stop criminal damage in the village.

“Safety messages and warnings were given by the team to motorists thought to be speeding in Common Road and Park Road.”


“PCSO Robert Hopping is about and will be happy to speak to you. He visited the school and was welcomed by the children.

“A chainsaw was stolen from a car in Downs Road between midnight and 12.15pm on 01/12 - if you saw anything please speak with Robert.”


“A vehicle has been damaged at Dix Pit between 1pm on 8/12 and 4am on 10/12, and PCSO Hopping made a visit to the school; apart from that all is quiet.”


“There have been no offences of note in either village this month.”


“The team started early on the 11th December and carried out speed education in the village from 7.15am to 8.30am. More than 120 vehicles were checked: 79 were driving at less than 30mph and only five were above 36mph. We will be returning to carry out similar operations in the next few weeks.”

“Anyone wishing to join the NAG should contact Ron Hollis at the police office in Eynsham. The next NAG meeting is on the 23 January at the Bartholomew Rooms.”

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