Bicester Neighbourhood update – April

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Bicester Neighbourhood update – April

Posted: 16/04/2008 11:59:24

Sgt Steve Birchall brings you this month’s update:

The Bicester Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG), which covers the three neighbourhoods of Bicester East, Bicester West and Bicester Town, has just gone into its public consultation phase.

This is to identify this year’s priority profiles. Each neighbourhood has three priorities as identified by the public who live and use the town – these will be the issues which have the greatest effect on communities and individuals.

We will identify a total of nine priorities for these neighbourhoods which will be the focus of the NAG’s work for the coming year.

We have in consultation produced a survey which will hopefully identify the priorities in a much more focused way by asking the public to give locations and days of the week as well as examples of the incidents that have effected them most.

We have many different methods of getting these surveys out into the public domain and we are getting some good responses. There are surveys at the doctor’s surgeries at Coker Close, Barberry Place, Victoria House and Langford Village as well as some at the Salvation Army building in Hart Place and the library at Old Place Yard.

In partnership with one of our local papers we have had the survey printed in the Bicester Advertiser asking respondents to return them to me at the police station. Obviously members of the public can also fill one in at the station if they come in. Surveys have also been available at both BCC and Cooper Schools before the half term break.

We have also arranged six public consultation events where we the neighbourhood team will be available to survey anybody who comes along.

Two have already taken place at Barberry Place and Hart Place, but there will be further ones at:

16/04/08 – Bowmont Square Bicester
17/04/08 – Langford Village Bicester
18/04/08 – Holm Square Bicester
02/05/08 – Sheep Street Bicester

Our team of PCSOs will have surveys on them if you attend their weekly bright spots or just see them whilst patrolling.

We will have the neighbourhood trailer plotted at each location and will be there between 10am and 2pm on each day. The consultation period will end on 2nd May.

Elsewhere, the only incident of note was some excellent work by PCSOs Alison Drury, James Waterson and Chris Kidd on Friday 4th April. They gained information that suggested a party was to take place at the football club in Bicester and youths were intending on turning up drunk or in possession of alcohol.

The three officers targeted local convenience stores prior to the event to try and prevent the sale to or on behalf of under-age drinkers. They liaised with the staff at the club, who were unaware that the party was for a 16-year-old as they had been informed it was her 18th birthday. The party goers were searched on entry to the club and the following was seized:

• 23 bottles or cans of lager
• 11 bottles of alco-pops
• 3 bottles of white wine
• 4 bottles of vodka
• 2 bottles of coke with vodka in it

Two £80 fixed penalty notices were also issued to youths for urinating in a public place. This party then spilled out onto Pingle Field but the same officers were able to prevent any offences from occurring.

This was directed PCSO patrolling of the highest standard and I have asked the area commander Supt Howard Stone to consider recognising this with a personal letter.

We also have a new PCSO, Sarah Ritchie, who will hopefully take a position on Bicester East on completion of her training period. She should take the place of PCSO James Waterson who is at the final stage of becoming a police constable which he has earned over the past year.

James will be a great loss to the neighbourhood team but I am sure will be an excellent police officer.


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