Success Of New Job Club At Kehelland Centre

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Success Of New Job Club At Kehelland Centre

Posted: 22/04/2008 12:42:56

A group of five clients with learning disabilities in West Cornwall have become the first in the county to complete an exciting new course aimed at helping them to find a job.

The new five week Job Club course, which was staged at the Kehelland Horticultural Centre, covered all aspects of finding a job, including interviewing skills, filling in application forms and writing CVs. Led by Amy Williams, Peripatetic Community Placement Officer with the Department of Adult Social Care, the course also looked at what will be expected of the clients once they find a job.

"Many people need support when they are looking for a job" said Amy Williams. "People with learning difficulties were telling us that they did not feel that the support available met their specific needs and so we decided to set up a Job Club to provide our own course ".

"I am delighted that the whole group have successfully completed the course and look forward to congratulating them when they are offered new jobs".

The five clients Nigel Webb, Gary Bolitho, Michael James, Luke Allanson -Clarke and Julian Roskilly were presented with certificates by Andy Rust, Assistant Director of the Adult Social Care, and Cilla Holt, Community Development Manager, to mark their successful completion of the course at a special ceremony at Kehelland .

All five clients have thoroughly enjoyed the course and say it has given them much more confidence in applying for jobs.

"The course was excellent " said Michael James, while Julian Roskilly added " I really liked doing the course and now we stand a much better chance of getting a job".

Both Gary Bolitho and Nigel Webb particularly enjoyed using the Internet to research job vacancies, while for Luke, the most important part was practicing his interview techniques.

"It is important for people with learning disabilities to be encouraged to make their own way in life " said Nigel Walker ( Lib Dem), the County Council's Executive Member for Adults. "This includes finding a job which will enable them to pay their own way and become independent ".

"The aim of the Job Club is to provide them with the skills to apply for and get paid jobs and I am very pleased that this first course has been so successful".

Two local employers have already expressed an interest in employing some of the group much to the delight of Amy Williams. "Both Cornwall Farmers and the Bissoe Pig Farm have well established links with Kehelland and have a high regard for the people who attend the Centre " said Amy Williams.

"I am delighted that they are interested in employing people from the group and would like to hear from any other employers who would be interested in offering a job to someone with learning disabilities".

Cornwall's Department of Adult care has a team of specialist Community Placement Officers who work with adults with learning disabilities who are interested in work, training or education.

Placement Officers, based in local Adult Social Care offices, work with individuals to identify the kind of work they are interested in, draw up a development plan and then liaise with local employers to find suitable employment or a placement. They then visit the work place on a regular basis to talk to both the client and the employer to check that things are working successfully and identify any new skills or training requirements.

Many placements start on a voluntary basis, with the aim of progressing to paid work through the Government funded Workstep programme if appropriate. Workstep is a national programme funded by the Department of Work and Pensions which supports people with disabilities in paid employment. The Department of Adult Social Care delivers this programme across Cornwall, working with individuals and their employers and providing support in areas such as training, counselling and specialist equipment.


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