Bicester Neighbourhood Management Update - June

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Bicester Neighbourhood Management Update - June

Posted: 10/06/2008 16:57:30

Sgt Steve Birchall brings this month’s update:

Our work over the last month has been dominated by surveying local people for their policing priorities, which we have to renew on a regular basis. Can I thank the 647 people who spent time telling us about what they wanted to see tackled in Bicester.

The Bicester neighbourhood area is split into three neighbourhoods. The following were chosen as each area’s top three priorities:

Town Centre
1. Fighting and street rowdiness/groups of youths/drunkenness and bad behaviour all during the night time
2. Groups of youths in the town centre during the day
3. Litter

1. Dangerous driving/speeding, Langford Village
2. Groups of youths, Hart Place
3. Dangerous driving/speeding, Glory Farm

1. Groups of youths, Barberry Place
2. Dog fouling, Bure Park
3. Drugs, Kings End

It has become that the public perception of crime within Bicester has changed dramatically since last year. There is less concern about acquisitive crime - burglary, street crime and thefts – than a year ago; indeed, they scored so lowly that they are all but unmentionable.

This can only be a good think. Nevertheless, we will continue to tackle the issues raised with all our energy.

Elsewhere, I would like to congratulate our Town Neighbourhood Specialst Officer, PC Nicki Entwistle, who has won the Oxfordshire Community Officer of the Year award for 2008.

We are delighted with this very popular choice as Nicki is totally committed to her neighbourhood and the Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG). She is the major influence on all aspects of neighbourhood management in Bicester and is at the forefront of the crime partnership initiative which is coming soon.

As far as everything else is going, we are seeing a lot changes in personnel in the coming weeks.

Inspector Tom Brooks, who oversaw community policing the Bicester-Kidlington area, has left to go to a post at headquarters in Kidlington. He was instrumental in the neighbourhood set up having bought into the process from the beginning and I would like to thank him and wish him well for the future.

His trust in us the neighbourhood team has allowed us to get the results we have been able to achieve in the last two years. The new inspector is Martin Percival and he will be making himself known as soon as possible.

I am also moving on; to Cowley to work as a detective sergeant in the Child Abuse Investigation Unit from 7 July. I came to neighbourhoods two years ago having a background on CID and am looking forward to working on this specialist unit who investigate the most predatory offenders with the most vulnerable victims.

I have very much enjoyed my tenure as neighbourhood sergeant. This has been the most challenging and ultimately most rewarding post I have ever held. Establishing sustainable partnerships with key community members is the way forward for policing and I am very pleased that I was in at the beginning.

In the meantime, we are interviewing at the moment to identify my successor. I hope to have a hand over period with this officer and wish them the best of success for the future. I have been very fortunate in two respects in the last two years in that I have a very good NAG who are very active with an excellent chair person in Hazel Wynn. I have also had an outstanding team of police officers and PCSOs: these excellent officers have delivered neighbourhoods to Bicester and its NSOs, I am convinced, are the best in the force.

We are always trying to find new and better ways to communicate with people who live and work in our area. If you are involved in putting together a parish magazine, residents’ association newsletter, website or other community publication, please send your details to the neighbourhood administrator, Toni Tochel, at [email protected] and she can email you copies of our press releases and other information relevant to your area.

If there is anything that is concerning you about policing in Bicester, please contact us on 0845 8 505 505 or at [email protected]


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