Vehicle crime slashed by 30 per cent

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Vehicle crime slashed by 30 per cent

Posted: 17/06/2008 20:16:41

Vehicle crime in five areas of Worcester is down 30 per cent after the launch of a new campaign.

Since the Safe and Secure campaign was launched in the five Worcester City Local Policing areas in January, 280 advice packs have been handed out.

And, compared to the same period last year, incidents have reduced from 175 to 121.

The six-month scheme, piloted in the areas for West Mercia Constabulary, involved Safe and Secure information packs being sent to owners of vulnerable vehicles, advising them on ways to avoid having their vehicle broken into.

Patrolling Local Policing Officers (LPOs) and Community Support Officers (CSOs) in Gorse Hill, Nunnery, Rainbow Hill, Warndon and Warndon Villages, noted registration numbers of cars that appear vulnerable.

They could have had unlocked doors, sat navs on view or other valuables such as laptops on display.

The registered owners were then sent a letter and an advice pack informing them why their vehicle was insecure, along with information on common-sense security measures that they should always take.

Crime Risk Manager for South Worcestershire, Mike Stephenson said: “Officers have ensured the scheme has been a great success. The combination of officers on the streets, looking out for vulnerable vehicles, and the advice in the Safe and Secure packs being acted upon by vehicle owners, has resulted in this serious reduction in vehicle crime.

“Officers also noted that a large proportion of vehicle owners are taking steps to protect themselves which is great news as the areas piloted do have a high density of vehicles and it means these people are aware of the dangers of leaving a vehicle in a vulnerable state.

“We hope those who have received a Safe and Secure pack in the post take time to read it, heed the advice and take appropriate measures to make their vehicle less attractive to opportunistic thieves and ultimately save themselves a lot of hassle and expense.”

Following evaluation of the pilot, it’s set be rolled out across the whole West Mercia force area.

The 'Safe & Secure' advice includes:

Remove all valuables and personal belongings
Remove sat-navs and their cradles - wipe away tell tale sucker marks
Check doors and windows are locked
Don’t leave car keys in the ignition
Park in open well-lit areas
Keep your vehicle well maintained
Mr Stephenson added: “Vehicle crime is actually very low across the city and West Mercia as a whole - and continues to fall very year - but we know that the fear of having their car stolen or broken into causes people considerable concern.

“The reality is that only 1% of registered vehicles in the whole West Mercia were damaged or stolen by criminals last year. Vehicle crime has fallen by 20% in the last three years, but there is always more we can do to make life even harder from criminals.”


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