Eynsham Neighbourhood Management Update - July

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Eynsham Neighbourhood Management Update - July

Posted: 07/07/2008 15:04:23

Neighbourhood Specialist Officer PC Richard Conner provides this month’s update:

“PCSO Robert Hopping left us this month to join the regular police service. He will be missed by the team and the community he has served for the last year. We all wish him the best for the future. He will replaced in the near future by James Cunningham who will introduce himself to the community on his arrival.

“You may have seen me in the papers this month as the team has now received the new Blackberrys that enable us to check vehicles and persons, receive emails and check photographs of suspects while out on patrol.

“The team has completed the training for the body worn video cameras and you should see us out and about with them over the coming weeks. These are worn on officer’s shoulders and when in operation a red light flashes and the officer is identified by a florescent armband.

“This will assist the team in recording incidents of anti-social behaviour which can then be played back at court, giving an accurate record of the incident for the magistrates to view. This has already increased guilty pleas at court as you cannot argue with the recorded evidence.


“On Monday 9 June PCSOs Helen Keen and Robert Hopping took the Speed Indicator Device (SID) to Witney Road in Eynsham. Fifty vehicles were checked and five were driving over the speed limit, so were given warnings.

“Over the last three weeks there has been damage caused to two cars in Queens Road. The wing mirrors, roof rack and aerial have been damaged in the early hours. Whoever is responsible is probably walking back from the pub so we ask you to leave the vehicles alone. This is criminal damage and we treat the offence very seriously.

“We have had several reports of groups of youths gathering in Back Lane car park and Witney Road play park acting in an anti-social manner. Could we ask residents to report all incidents to us and they will be dealt with.

“We are also receiving reports about problems with residents parking on pavements causing an obstruction for pedestrians. We will be patrolling and issuing tickets as appropriate.”


“PCSO Keen visited the school on the 18 June and gave a talk to the children on how the police can help them and the community.

“On Monday 16 June a trailer was stolen from Burleigh Farm and the work’s van was taken from Cassington Nurseries. Fortunately the offender’s vehicle details were taken and they were arrested.”

North Leigh

“On Monday 9 June PCSO Keen and myself were invited to North Leigh Primary School to give a talk to the pupils on keeping themselves safe. PCSO Keen will be going back to have a further chat with the older ones before they leave the school in a few weeks time to help them get ready for senior school.

“On Friday 20 June PCSO Keen held her first police surgery at the village hall where she had a large number of visitors including the after school club. The main concern of the residents was speeding in Common Road, Green Lane and the main road through East End. Helen reassured the residents that the team were aware of their concerns and would continue to monitor speeding in the village. The next surgery is to be held at the village hall on Wednesday 9 July at 2pm until 4pm so pop in to have a chat with her.”


“On Sunday 1 June at 6.30pm a green Volvo parked in the village hall car park was broken into and a handbag was stolen. Again, can I remind you not to leave anything on show in your car. If you saw this incident happening please let us know.

“The team visited the parish annual meeting on Tuesday 3 June to report the good news that crime is down by 47% on the previous year. PCSO Robert Hopping said his goodbyes to the parish and was given a warm send off.

“On Monday 9 June Robert and Helen took the SID to the A415. Over 60 vehicles were checked and eight of these were exceeding the speed limit so were given a warning. The team have now received the new speed laser and will be out in the area in the near future.

“PCSO Keen visited the school on Tuesday 17 June to help with their cycle proficiency.”

Stanton Harcourt

“On Sunday 8 June at 3.30am two people were disturbed stealing fishing equipment from Linear Fisheries. One of the offenders threatened the victim with a knife while the other carried away the equipment. This is a worrying but rare incident. If you saw or heard anything please contact us on 0845 8 505 505.

“PCSO Keen has been at the school assisting with the cycle proficiency for Years five and six.”


“The team has been paying extra attention to the village and surrounding area due to the influx of visitors. We will be visiting with the mobile police station on Tuesday 8 July between 10am and 11am.”

South Leigh

“We will be visiting the village on Tuesday 8 July with the mobile police station between 4pm and 5pm, if you want to come and see us.

“At the NAG meeting held on Wednesday 4 June, Lynn Burgess, the youth worker for Eynsham, attended and it was decided to approach local businesses for funding and help with youth projects. If you would like to help please contact PCSO Helen Keen.

“We are out in the mobile police station a lot this month as part of our annual engagement process. Please come and let us know what you think we should be tackling.

Tuesday 8 July, 10am to 11am - Northmoor
Tuesday 8 July 12pm to 1pm - Stanton village hall
Tuesday 8 July 2pm to 3.30pm - Standlake village Shop
Tuesday 8 July 4pm to 5pm - South Leigh

“Anyone wishing to join the NAG should contact Ron Hollis at the police office in Eynsham. The next NAG meeting is on Wednesday 16 July at 7pm at the Bartholomew Rooms.”

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