Carterton Neighbourhood Management Update - July

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Carterton Neighbourhood Management Update - July

Posted: 07/07/2008 15:10:21

Neighbourhood Specialist Officer PC Richard Barnes provides July’s update:


“During June, Carterton has seen an increase of youths hanging around the town. This is especially noticeable on a Friday and Saturday night and has resulted in a substantial amount of alcohol being seized by the team. Unfortunately, as always, it is the small minority who give the majority a bad name.

“There was an assault outside the Social Club on Sunday 22 June and we are currently investigating. If you have any information about this incident then please call us on 0845 8 505 505.

“The Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) met in June and we continue to look at the main issues as identified by residents. The Speed Indicator Device (SID) has been deployed with some drivers being spoken to. Roads Policing carried out speed checks on Upavon Way which again resulted in several individuals being spoken to.

“The Extreme Wheels committee met during the month and things are progressing well. The date for this event is Saturday 9 August at the skate park. This promises to be a very well attended event with several bands already booked to appear.

“The issue of speeding on Shilton Park continues to raise its head and steps are being taken to survey the area and feedback our findings to local residents.

“Following the spate of criminal damage that had occurred to a large number of vehicles during May, several local teenagers were arrested at the start of June and involved several local teenagers. We are awaiting a decision from the Crown Prosecution Service on the way forward.

“The Neighbourhood Team assisted in the arrest of two shoplifters from Somerfield at the end of the month. These arrests happened on 27 June and involved two local teenagers. We are also awaiting the outcome of these arrests.”

Brize Norton

Brize Norton continues to be quiet and the team are carrying out surgeries in the Sports Pavilion. The issue of speeding from Carterton to Brize Norton remains an issue for the villagers and their concerns have been forwarded to our Roads Policing colleagues who will be carrying out speed checks in the near future. Again, the results will be fed back to local residents.

“The Royal Air Force held its Families Day and Brizefest on Saturday 21 June which was policed by a combination of the Neighbourhood Team and the Ministry of Defence Police. We are pleased to report that the event ran without any problems.

Bampton and Rural

“Bampton has been relatively busy for the size of the village. There have been several complaints about underage drinking and youths sitting in their vehicles causing a nuisance, as well as speeding around the market square. The Neighbourhood Team is aware of the problems and will be targeting the individuals over the coming weeks.

“Some complaints from the shops regarding disorder from the teenagers residing at the Paddocks in Weald have been resolved following a visit from PCSO Alford accompanied by the community and diversity officer, who was checking out this beat area for the day.

“There will be a deployment of the Speed Indicator Device (SID) operation over the next few weeks in the village. We are issuing £30 fixed penalty tickets to those responsible for parking on the double yellow lines outside Budgeons; we have shown enough discretion regarding this and the situation is having an adverse impact on the main junction and roundabout.


“The Alvescot fete on Saturday 21 June seemed to be a successful event and I was able to attend later in the day to have a chat with some of the residents. The village does not seem to have any ongoing issues to date.


“This year’s fete was a large and successful event. I attended this and was able to chat with a large number of residents including those drawn in from the other surrounding villages who all seemed to enjoy the day.

“There are no ongoing issues in Aston at the moment.

Burford and villages

“Some teenagers are causing concern within Burford mainly in the Guildenford car park and the recreation ground. Two individuals have been arrested for anti-social behaviour and received £80 fixed penalty tickets each. Guildenford car park is now the subject of more regular high visibilty patrols.

“The Dragon Parade was successful and I attended the Brownies meeting this month, where they completed their crime prevention badge.


“Fulbrook has had some cases of anti-social behaviour and criminal damage. Enquiries are ongoing.

“We have received a complaint regarding speeding in Swinbrook and we are planning to do another speed check in the area.


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