Batchley residents to benefit from SmartWater

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Batchley residents to benefit from SmartWater

Posted: 24/09/2008 10:06:11

Council officers will be joining local police this weekend to bring SmartWater to Batchley, in the second phase of the SmartWater campaign in Redditch.

This follows a SmartWater day in Brockhill two weeks ago (Sunday 14 September) where SmartWater home coding kits were offered to tenants in Fosseway Living properties, thanks to the sponsorship from the Fosseway housing group.

In a similar fashion, support from Redditch Community Safety Partnership means that the kits can be offered free of charge to residents living in Oak Tree Avenue, Batchley Road and parts of Hewell Lane and Salter’s Lane this Sunday (28 September).

Residents in these designated streets will already have received letters advising them that this initiative is taking place and that police and council officers will be calling at their doors to explain how SmartWater works and how it can protect them from being a victim of burglary.

They will have chance to use the new forensic coding solution SmartWater contained in the kit to uniquely mark their valuables and then display the stickers in doors and windows to indicate that SmartWater has been used.

Police will also be erecting the distinctive Smartwater street signage within these roads to act as an extra deterrent to thieves.

PC Eddie Mills, Crime Risk Manager for Redditch says, “The feedback we had from Brockhill residents was extremely positive and we are hoping that Batchley residents will be equally reassured as we give them the chance to forensically code their valuable items.”

Bev Houghton, Community Safety Manager for Redditch Borough Council, says, “As members of Redditch Community Safety Partnership we are always looking for effective tools against crime and are delighted to support the SmartWater campaign.

“We would urge eligible residents to take up the offer of a free SmartWater kit on Sunday and begin protecting their property and valuables against theft.”

Police are keen to stress that they want to make the criminal fraternity aware that SmartWater has arrived in Redditch and that the initiatives in Brockhill and Batchley represent just the start of a concentrated drive to protect the whole of the town.

Redditch Community Safety Partnership will be making the SmartWater home coding kits available from 1 October via designated distribution points across Redditch for a contribution of £15, while existing Neighbourhood Watch members can obtain the kits via their local Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators.

SmartWater is also available as a spray system particularly suited to commercial premises, schools and other public buildings and police aim to highlight the extra security this can offer to businesses and homes in Redditch over the coming months.

More information on SmartWater is available at or SmartWater’s website at


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