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Dilwyn School closure goes ahead

Posted: 23/08/2011 12:36:03

In a letter received from the government this week, Herefordshire Council has been informed that Lord Hill, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Schools, has decided not to proceed with the Academy funding agreement for Dilwyn CE Primary School. This means that Dilwyn school will close as a local authority maintained school on 31 August in line with the decision taken by Herefordshire Council in December 2010 and ratified by the national Schools Adjudicator in March this year, following an appeal by the governors of the school.

Councillor Phillip Price, cabinet member for corporate services and education, said: “I appreciate that this will be disappointing news for the parents and children who were planning to go to Dilwyn as an academy school in September.

“Our priority now is to help the families affected to find alternative schools for their children and make sure any transfers go smoothly so that there is no disruption to the children’s education.”

Lord Hill was keen to stress that he found the decision a difficult one to make and is committed to enabling local communities, particularly those with small schools, to put forward their case to retain and in some cases run local schools.

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